Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Donation Info

London's college fund:
If anyone wishes to honor Layla's memory we have established a College Fund for London. She had Ivy League dreams for him.
Donations can be made at Wells Fargo: London Brown/Acct #589-2666925 or via Paypal at

A Benifit Concert:
A benefit concert in memoriam of Layla Randall Brown and celebration of her life and love. 100% of all ticket proceeds from this event will benefit Layla's family to help allay bereavement travel costs and medical bills as well as contribute to the college fund of Layla's son, London. Please come share this special event with us, and help us communicate our concrete support to Layla's family.
Contributing artists include:* Jacob Heiss (Curator) and Alberto Alfaro - Identity Crises Inc.,* Ami Moss, Brach Siemens, and Joby Morey - The Unfortunate,* Ryan Suzuka - A Wu Li Conspiracy,* Glenn Kaiser & Ed Bialach - Glenn Kaiser Band,* Lia Nicine McCoo - herselfAnd more...Ticketing: $5, all ages (on-line reservations coming soon)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

We will miss her.

Richard Randall
final phone calls. a quiet service today with who's here. It's not just that her part of me is gone but that her part of everyone else I know is gone too.Richard Randall
final phone calls. a quiet service today with who's here. It's not just that her part of me is gone but that her part of everyone else I know is gone too.

More Pics

Here is a picture of Layla and Sam from facebook.

Memories of Layla By:Sarah Grey

Some random memories of Layla: The donation fruitcake trying to "age it" to get drunk off of. Gary- the old, short, bald man from Starbucks. We walked miles downtown because she just had to "get some exercise" when I soon realized we were stalking Gary. Phone calls to Norway just to hear Geesla's voice and then a quick hang up. Bike rides on the one sunny day in winter. The stiff awkward movements accompanied by a bright red face when she saw cute band guys. Sunday afternoon trips to taco bell. Watching and singing to sound of music and watching her get turned on by Christopher Plummer. Singing together with our awful voices. Downtown trips pretending we were rich getting perfume samples and finding Calvin Klein underwear on sale just to have the brand. Baking, baking,baking. Skinny dipping at the dunes. Wishing for big boobs (her not me!)... Dick bringing a crying Layla to my room because she decided to pierce her own ears but couldn't push the earring all the way through."The Germans" A phrase coined by Arnie that was used to describe any foreigner who took advantage of our country. ( I guess you were born a republican) :), Telling Arnie she was going to trim a half inch off Arnie's hair but cutting her long hair to her chin and all I could do was laugh as Arnie sat there in tears. (Sorry Arnie). Layla shaving her own head just to make Arnie mad but instead she hated it Layla laughing at me once when I was at their Grandmas house running down the street with Joy in white and black Polka Dot bubble dress that apparently was bouncing up and down. (me and Joy laughed about this forever.)Layla waking me up in the middle of the night for random frustrations like being irritated at peoples horrible sense of fashion.Most of all what I will always remember is laughing for hours. We had the best laughs. I will always remember her laugh and smile. I love you so much Layla and you legacy will always live on.I am so sad that we can't go to Satzburg when I graduate but I will take Ariel and we will sing in our god awful voices as we think about you. Love always(ps. I am so happy I got to see your proud life long dream accomplished when I saw you this summer. ha ha.)

Here is a picture from facebook of Layla and Brittany Cameron Mader.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Can this really be happening?

just back fron the hospital...There is nothing left to say or do...tomorrow morning we shut off the life support...last night I kissed my little girl goodnight for the last time. - Dick Randall

I just can't believe that she is going to be gone. I will miss you good friend.

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